Tearing Down and Assessing the FA20 & 4U-GSEEvery week this build gets more and more interesting as we dive deeper into the inner workings o the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S platform. Last week we took a look at the first step in our build process: reinforcing the chassis by seam welding the structural body components. For this installment, we peel back the layers of the engine to understand what we have to work with, and where it can be improved in relation to our initial build objectives. As with any good build, you define an objective based on what you have to work with. In order to properly understand what we had to work with first hand, it was necessary that we dive into the platform’s heart. This time, we turned to SCR Performance because of their intimate knowledge of Subaru drivetrains, as well as their reputation as top engine builders. We knew they would give an accurate assessment of what areas we’d need to address as the build progresses.<br /><br />Check out the full feature  @<a href=”http://www.revvolution.com/blog/2014/03/tearing-down-and-assessing-the-fa20-amp-amp-4u-gse” title=”Revvolution.com: Tearing Down and Assessing the Fa20 & 4U-GSE” target=”_blank”> http://www.revvolution.com/blog/2014/03/tearing-down-and-assessing-the-fa20-amp-amp-4u-gse</a>