Rippin: The Twin Turbo LS-swapped IS300The term “bolt-on” has become a ubiquitous term among car enthusiasts, and is something Matt Owen has literally no understanding of. At the young age of 28, and the lead fabricator at T1 Race Development out of Rockwall, TX, Matt has had the privilege of building some of the fastest R35 Nissan GT-Rs in the world. That being said, he’s had his dream car in mind for a few years now, and it could not be any less impressive than the cars he works on every day.<div></div><div>The Lexus IS300 as a whole is no stranger to the Modified Lifestyle, and there are numerous high-powered examples prowling the streets worldwide. With Toyota’s 2JZ-GE being the factory motor in the IS300, it’s easy to understand why most people prefer to stick with some derivative of Toyota’s legendary line of 2JZ powerplants when shooting for huge power figures. That’s all well and good if your only intention is having a badass grocery getter or track monster. It’s not so good if you want to guarantee double takes and bewildered looks every time you turn the key. What’s the solution? According to Matt, the answer is to engineer, fabricate and build a complete Chevrolet LS1 small block swap completely from scratch. One thousand-plus horsepower numbers are equally as easy to attain in the 2JZ family as they are in the LS family, but there is something to be said for a little originality.<br /><br />Check out the full article @ <a href=”″ title=” Rippin: The Twin Turbo LS-swapped IS300″ target=”_blank”></a></div>