Mid-America Shelby and Ford Nationals Tulsa OK 2014In Tulsa, Okla., Thursday afternoons are synonymous with college bar specials and yard work—a day to get things out of the way for the weekend. Every year on June 12 though, Tulsa turns into an automotive stomping ground for one automaker in particular. <br /><div></div><div>Every year Tulsa hosts the Mid-America Shelby Nationals where owners of new and old Ford and Shelby Mustangs take to the streets to cruise by the iconic riverside. Police set up roadblocks to corral the high-horsepowered ponies. <br /><br /></div>Visit the full feature @ <a href=”http://www.revvolution.com/blog/2014/06/mid-america-shelby-and-ford-nationals-tulsa-ok-2014-coverage”>http://www.revvolution.com/blog/2014/06/mid-america-shelby-and-ford-nationals-tulsa-ok-2014-coverage</a>