Bulls on Parade: Day Two of TX2K14 Roll Race NationalsDay two of TX2K14 returned to Texas World Speedway to crown the first champions of the TX2K Roll Race Nationals. Today, TWS lived up to its nickname, “The Worlds Fastest Speedway.” A few decades ago, when the speedway was a bustling hub for sanctioned motorsport, it was dubbed the fastest speedway when Mario Andretti set a record speed of 214.158 mph, while qualifying for an Indy race. The top speed achieved today by contrast, was set by a road-fairing, fire spewing Bull, clocking in at an impressive 201 mph. Needless to say, it’s fitting today’s record was set by the eventual Unlimited Class winner.<br /><br />Check out the full article @ <a href=”http://www.revvolution.com/blog/2014/03/bulls-on-parade-day-two-of-tx2k14-roll-race-nationals” title=”Revvolution.com: Bulls on Parade: Day Two of tx2k14 Roll Race Nationals”>http://www.revvolution.com/blog/2014/03/bulls-on-parade-day-two-of-tx2k14-roll-race-nationals</a>