Because Hypercar: The Hennessey Venom GTWe had a rare opportunity to do what many others have not—we were able to shoot the brutal Hennessey Venom GT as it sat in the factory where it was built.<div></div><div>While on location at the Hennessey Performance Engineering facility in Sealy, TX, for the event known as TX2K, the weather simply wouldn’t cooperate, so we were forced to pack up and entertain ourselves elsewhere. With our britches drenched, the #TeamRevv gear stashed in the transport and our sights set on the streets of Houston, Revvolution president Ryan Randels decided we had nothing else to lose and struck up a quick conversation with TX2K organizer, Peter Blach. Within a few moments, Peter worked his power of persuasion and convinced John Hennessey, the owner of the American tuning powerhouse, to grant us a brief thirty minutes with his latest creation.</div><br />Check out the full feature @